The earth has rhythm, the oceans have rhythm, the trees have rhythm and you and I have rhythm. The Cherokee call it ” walking in the path of beauty.” In Asia, it is called Feng Shui. In the Congo , it is called “the four moments of the sun.” In Europe, it is called geomancy. I call it Funki Shui.

Funki Shui is about blending traditions of different parts of the earth to create design and healing. I thought it appropriate to take off on the term funky because when I think of funk music, I think of African people taking European Classical Music and giving it the drum.

Funki shui uses the five elements and compass from Feng Shui, the Odu and healing herbs of Ifa, honors the earth through Native American practices and employs sacred geometry from Europe.
Each of these peoples created a system to live in harmony with the earth, and there is a great necessity for this in modern times.

Live in Harmony With The Earth

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