profilepicThere are two sides to the work that Erin Alexander does through her company Earthwise Design Consulting LLC. Through her work as a green building expert she helps clients with the five categories of green building: sustainable sites, water efficiency , energy efficiency ,  renewable resources, and indoor environmental quality. Her specialty is healthy indoor environments and renewable resources.

The other side of her work is Funki Shui:  the soulful blending of Feng Shui and African Healing Arts. 
She studied with masters in two traditions:  His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin-Yun,  founding father of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui and her mentor and teacher, Iya Obalade/Bobi Cespedes, an elder in the Yoruba/ Lucumi tradition from Havana, Cuba.

Her practice brings together black sect tantric buddhism, compass school method – taking into consideration the 24 orientations of the Lopán,sylben African Herbal Medicine, Ifá studies and Indigenous Permaculture Design.

Presently she is creating a data base for the sacred plants of Orisha and  recently presented a paper in Havana, Cuba on the sustainable development of the Almendares River.

Belleza di Terra Organic and Natural Spa, Bethesda, Md. Design by Erin Alexander

Awards and Affiliations
Empowerment Award for National Excellence and Service, Pan-Hellenic Council Inc.
LEED AP BD+C Professional Accreditation, USGBC
ADPSR- Architects, Designers,Planners for Social Responsibility

2 comments on “ABOUT

  1. awe some!!!
    i am hooked and encouraged and happy and blessed to experience this latest offering from you, erin! thank you.

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