Bedroom Feng Shui


I know you have heard it before but please no TVs in the bedroom. The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.

Find your best direction. The idea of the best direction is to lie with your head pointed toward the direction that is going to give you the best energy. What if your partner has a different best direction than you? Check to see which direction the front door is facing. Whichever one of you has the best direction for the front door let the other partner have the best direction for the bed. The most important thing is to use beneficial energy for both partners.

Use colors that are soothing.

Try to keep your head away from the window.

The best direction for the bed is diagonal to the door, but at best try to make sure that your feet are not facing the door. This is called the coffin position and more than anything else it is too much energy coming into your feet.

Use soft surfaces under your feet.

Use aromatherapy in the bedroom. Lavender is great for peaceful sleeping. Lavender and Ylang Ylang is great for making love.

I like to use organic sheets because they smell good and feel good.

Also natural and organic pillows, keep those chemicals out of your brain.

Remember sleep is vital part of creating health for you and your family.

Night, Night,

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