Feng Shui and Attention Deficit Disorder

OrdervChaosA.D.D and A.D.H.D adults live in constant turmoil because of the way their brains function. They have difficulty organizing work, sustaining attention, avoiding distractions, and remembering things. Here is a list of problems and Feng Shui Cures.

Feng Shui Cures

Problem: Short attention span
Solution: Create stations for workers. The biggest thing is to not force the employee to be stagnant. Keep them moving.

Problem: Distraction
Solution: Create quiet spaces for employees. Make sure there is a place for serenity. If possible create a library room where there is no talking.

Problem: Hyper focusing
Solution:  Set alarm for break. By breaking work into manageable chunks, they will not burn their selves out.

Problem: Hyperactivity
Solution: Encourage employee to take breaks during the day. It is important to designate a space for eating so that employees can consciously take break for food

Problem: Memory Problems
Solution: Put up a whiteboard or chalk board where they can see projects every time they pass by.

Problem: Time Management
Solution:  Vary the times that employees come in. Again create stations for everyone rather than desks.

Problem: Over commitment and procrastination
Solution: Create a project board with names and task on it. So that it is concrete the amount of work that needs to be done. Think of it as an operating schedule board.

Help with focusing and concentrating. 

Too many things in the room

  • Lots of pictures and posters and drawings on the walls things hanging from the ceiling.   This creates too many distractions, keep them to a minimum.
  • Get the people in office involved in the design of the space. I am a strong advocate of planning spaces and make cards for each person with their responsibility.
  • Choose neutral colors
  • Use color to guide the eye
  • Color coded file systems
  • Areas of the office  color coded for activity performed there.
  • Use color on boards to differentiate employees thoughts.


  • Storage, storage, storage! There needs to be a place for everything. This will cut down on the chaotic energy in the office. Make it fun. Most adults with ADD have been harassed all their life and they need to feel safe in the workplace.


  • Desk- Use standing Desks and make sure they are faced out toward the door, not toward the wall.
  • Use reflective surfaces over the desk so that they can see when co-workers are approaching.


  • Do a survey of the office and find out who really needs to have light and access to day lighting.  This is a  personal preference and sometimes all you need to do is find out what each persons preference is and this will create flow in the office.

Creating a harmonious office environment can be a low-cost effective way to boost productivity and creativity in your office.
To get a personal Feng Shui consultation for your office, call Erin at 202-344-9826 or email

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