The Healing Powers of Color


Years ago I took a primitive art class where we crushed rocks for about 3 hours to make paint. While making the paint something happened to me psychologically, I felt like I was being healed.

AFM Safecoat has a eco-friendly paint that uses  Ayurvedic essences for the colors. For those of you who are new to Ayurveda it is an ancient system of medicine. Without going into a long explanation of the system I will say that , just like Feng Shui, it is about balance.

The effects of color according to the European Academy of Vedic Sciences:


The pituitary gland, which is an endocrine gland, comes into play when a person is exposed to red. In just a fraction of a second a chemical signal goes from the pituitary gland to the adrenal glands and Adrenaline is released. The adrenaline courses through the blood stream and produces certain physiological alterations with metabolic effects. The following reactions begin immediately but may not be noticed for a few minutes or even several hours depending on the health of the individual’s Homeostasis (the physiological process by which the internal systems of the body are maintained at equilibrium despite variations in external conditions).

The physiological effects of the color red is:

  • The blood pressure will elevate.
  • Blood flow speeds up as manifested by an increased pulse rate.
  • The rate of breathing becomes rapid
  • The autonomic Nervous System takes over and reactions become automatic.
  • The taste buds become more sensitive.
  • The appetite improves.
  • The sense of smell heightens.
  • Males become attracted to yellow based reds while females become attracted to blue based reds.


The physiological effects of orange color are

  • The appetite elevated and increases.
  • Relaxation is induced and the potential for sleep increases.
  • The rates of blood flow slow down.
  • A sense of placidity and security develops when orange is combined with blue.


The physiological effects of yellow color are

  • The electrochemical transference from eye to brain called Vision takes place the quickest in the presence of yellow. Yellow is the first color a person distinguishes when he/she looks on any object. It is also the most complex color for the brain to process.
  • Human have an inherent precautionary reaction to yellow in nature, especially when it is combined with black.
  • Yellow adds to stress by preparing a person for flight or fight.
  • Yellow- painted rooms cause children to cry more often.
  • Yellow surroundings cause allergies to flare more frequently.


The physiological effects of blue color are

  • Slows down the pulse rate.
  • Deepens the breathing.
  • Reduces the perspiration.
  • Lowers the body temperature.
  • Lessens the sweating.
  • Eliminates the flight to fight response.
  • Reduces the appetite (as very few blue food exist in nature).


The physiological effects of the color brown are

  • Dispel mental tension.
  • Promote the synthesis of serotonin (a neurotransmitter)
  • Reduce irritability.
  • Eliminate chronic fatigue.
  • Stimulate the formation of prostaglandin E1. (Prostaglandin is a hormone like substance in the tissues and the body fluids). It has many functions and it factors in the actions for the womb, brain, lungs, kidney and semen. Brown effect on prostaglandin E1 is therefore significant for the body’s overall normal functioning.
  • Increase tryptophan amino acid levels that influence sleep, migraine, immunity and moods.


Diverse interpretations are associated with purple. Purple gives mixed messages. Historically, of course, purple denoted royalty and grandeur. But this color is also associated with illness. To symbolize vomiting and other forms of sickness some people wear headband of Purple color.


It brings on a feeling of depression in forty-five seconds. Having the knowledge of these color phenomena, we can easily understand how to influence other people and how, in turn, advertisers, mercantile companies, marketers and industrialists sway us in our direction of thinking and buying habits.

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