Swales and Seedballs


I am ready to put my hands in the dirt and watch as things start to grow.

I am reading a book called “The Third Industrial Revolution” and it is about the shift to lateral power.

I think the three sisters garden is a good example of lateral power.

Beans, Corn and Squash. The corn provides shade and its roots break up the soil. The beans grow up the stalks of corn and the squash covers the ground.

Let’s plant seeds of collaboration and growth


Principles of Indigenous Permaculture

  • To understand, respect, and follow the natural laws given to us by the Creator.
  • To understand natural energy flows.
  • To understand impacts on the natural environment and indigenous communities when unsustainable choices are made
  • To be conscious and responsible in our use of natural resources.
  • To establish microclimates for natural habitats that will promote a favorable environment for all living beings.
  • To create diversity for beneficial symbiotic plant and animal relationships.
  • To develop a cooperative existence with human kind and the natural world.
  • To utilize the designs, patterns and rhythms of nature.

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