Earthquake Preparedness

earthquake1So this post is going to veer from my normal routine because something became quite apparent the other day during the earthquake. My fellow east coasters don’t know anything about what to do when the ground moves.  I can imagine that if you have never felt an earthquake, this would be a very frightening thing.

As a native-Californian I experienced my first earthquake when I was about 6 or 7. I was in bed with my big mama and I was SCARED. She just gently told me not to be scared that it was only the earth rocking me and then told me exactly what to do when they happen. Because of her, I have never been afraid of earthquakes. The best thing you can do when going through this totally unexpected natural phenomena is to be prepared.

How to Prepare For an Earthquake

  1. Create a family earthquake plan
  2. Know the safe spot in each room.Under sturdy tables, desks,or against inside walls.
  3. Know the danger spots.Windows, mirrors, hanging objects, fireplaces, and tall furniture.
  4. Do a pre drill.
  5. Develop a meet up space.
  6. Have a number out of town where everyone can call and let family know you are OK.
Home Preparedness
  1. Know how to turn of gas, water and electricity in case lines are damaged.
  2. Check walls, roofs and chimneys for stability,
  3. Keep breakable and heavy items on lower shelves
  4. Keep hazardous liquids on lower shelves.
  5. Maintain emergency food, water,first aid kit and flash light.
     Check out this website for a full list of everything you need to know about preparing for earthquake
I hope this helps you for any future earthquakes. I would print out the earthquake book and put it in a safe space.
Earth changes are happening we just need to figure out how to go with the flow. The flow of the earth and it’s cycles are just part of it.
Peace and Blessings,

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