A Few of my favorite Green things!

Ginger tea from DC’s Everlasting Life Restaurant $4.00

All I can say is yum. Everlasting is a long time DC vegetarian restaurant on Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC.

Kinky curly hair gel $17.99

Finally! A natural product to control my curls. What a lifesaver. 

Afm Safecoat carpet sealer $12.00+

Did you move into an apartment with a brand new carpet filled with toxic chemicals? Afm Safecoat has a three process system to protect you from those naughty chemicals:
Carpet Shampoo
Carpet Guard
Carpet Seal

I have used these with many clients who are moving into a new apartment or office.

Oxo Good Grips Touch 10-1/2-Gallon Garbage Can $119.00 

Fashionable Recycling? Yes, with Oxo touch recycling/garbage can. They come in many bright colors including stainless steel.



Aqua barrel

Collecting water to use in times when there is no rain makes practical sense and Aquabarrels rain box is a great design.

Sunplugged solar powered messenger bag  $129.00

Weekend at green gulch Farm Zen Center     $135.00 -$225.00


About Staying at Green Gulch
Muir Beach is a 20-minute walk from the central area; trails lead to Muir Woods to the north and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to the south.Meals:
The guest house rates include three meals per day. Meals are vegetarian (including dairy and eggs) and are served buffet style at 7:15a, 12:15p and 6p. On Fridays we typically offer a picnic lunch; please make a bag lunch right after breakfast.

Silo House $90.00 sq. ft


I have an obsession with round buildings. There are no sharp corners. These are eco because they are reclaiming Silos. Buy some land and put these small buildings on it.

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