Let me spin you a story of rainbows and wishes,
and angels and faeries with earth saving missions.
A story of people from faraway places
who believe that the weaver is the mother of creation.

A people that build their houses of clay.
Whose tradition is to speak to the land when they pray.
Painted houses shine bright in the desert.
Creativity is free,
Whether you are pauper or president.

Remembering times when tradition was passed down
from mother to daughter.
When the community came to the center for solace.
Where houses are round because corners are sharp.

Where buildings breathe like we do!

Cut! Now it is two thousand and nine.
Janine Benyus tells us that bio-mimicry has reached its time.
Build like the ancients and make products like webs.
Forget about dams and build Permaculture swales instead.

As we re-member, society can thrive.
And the people will say thank god we’re alive.
Because to live in concrete boxes and breathe in toxic fumes,
has left us with way too many problems to consume.

Thank god we have answers taken from the past.
From the people who believed that there is spirit in the land.
Give honor to the ancestors like Chief Seattle
and of course William Morris.

They taught us to see sustainability as progress.

The concept of creation and innovation is simple.
Take only what you need and leave some for the rest of us.
In the windows of the web there are thousands of possibilities.
The task is to find the right light and illuminate the entry.

-Erin Alexander

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